Letter to Stacy London

September 4, 2013 • Leave a comment

Five weeks ago Johanna Ryan and Kim Witczak wrote a Letter to StacyLondon which can be downloaded here. It covered Stacy’s role in AbbVie’s Humiraverse. It wasn’t a critical letter. People in Humiraverses can’t throw stones – the company will always win.

Stacy is probably better placed than anyone to make a difference to AbbVie and Pharma’s current campaign to close down access to clinical trial data to everyone. She would be the perfect person to deliver our Petition to Richard Gonzalez, asking him to call off his legal action against the European Medicines Agency’s  (EMA) policy of open access to trial data.

Humira: What's at Stake?Created by Billiam James

It would be a huge story if she embraced the Data Access Cause. She could be our Joan of Arc – Jeanne d’Arc. People who pay no heed to these things normally would sit up and take notice of something like this. Even if we lose access to the data in the current battle, Stacy’s involvement might win the war by getting enough people to say “Enough”.  We have a Dream.

Illustration: Humira: What’s a Stake?, © 2013 created by Billiam James

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