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RxISK asks: What does your hairdresser know about your medication?
March 2013 & December 2012 — RxISK asks two hairdressers what they know about your prescription drugs. From hair loss to colour sliding off the hair, Loredana Cerilii and Kaye Briden have witnessed the distressing effects prescription drugs can have on our hair, skin and nails.
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Lecture at Chicago-Kent School of Law “Side Effects: Homicidal and Suicidal Behavior Influenced by Prescription Medications”
18 February 2013 (Chicago, Illinois) — Sponsored by the Illinois Assn. of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Chicago-Kent College of Law and Bill Clutter Investigations.

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Lecture to medical students in St Bartholomew’s Hospital London as part of Global Health Week
4 December 2012 (London, England) — The lecture was The End of Medicine and tackles the way in which Evidence Based Medicine has become the problem it set out to be the answer to.
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RxISK asks: Are prescription drugs to blame for school shootings?

A person who commits a school shooting is usually regarded as the perpetrator, but this may be a mistake, according to Dr. David Healy, CEO of

He says the shooter is often the victim too—the victim of a prescription drug.

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You and your meds: Are they safe?
15 January 2013 (Toronto, Ontario) — RxISK and the Patients’ Association of Canada co-hosted a panel presentation at the Art Gallery of Ontario with:
– Terence Young, Conservative MP and author of Death by Prescription
– Dr. David Healy, founder and author of Pharmageddon
– Dr.Sholom Glouberman, President of the Patients’ Association of Canada and author of My Operation
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Time to abandon evidence based medicine?
26 November 2012 — A talk by Dr. David Healy at the Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences at Cardiff University.
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December 2012 — Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. David Healy about
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Dr. David Healy talks about RxISK
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